The Art of British Flowers with Fiona Haser Bizony of the Electric Daisy Flower Farm

Saturday 6 July, 2pm

While demonstrating how she goes about making a large floral arrangement, Fiona will talk about the UK’s burgeoning artisan flower growing movement and how we have come full circle through Constance Spry’s wild naturalistic decorations to the invention of floral foam and the rise and rise of the Dutch flower industry, then back again to the floral foam-free arrangements of today.

Fiona will speak about how she grows her flowers sustainably at Electric Daisy Flower Farm, without the use of pesticides or herbicides and about floral designers becoming aware of the environmental issues around every bouquet they make. She will also talk about how fresh cut flowers are being used by artists today in their practice.

Cost: £25

Price includes entry to the show

To reserve your place, email [email protected]