Mountains of the Moon

About Steve Russell:

Steve Russell has been travelling to East Africa regularly for many years, documenting and recording and finding inspiration in the beauty and vitality of its natural environment. His images of these fragile mountain landscapes reveal a bittersweet quality which both invites and challenges the viewer.

Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th July

Described by Henry Morton Stanley on first sight as ‘appearing like a beautiful cloud or mirage’ the Rwenzori Mountains between Uganda and the DRC are like nowhere else on earth. One of the highest mountain ranges on the African continent and supporting an amazingly diverse, endemic flora and fauna, they are also some of the only mountains in Africa to support glaciers. Glacier retreat, first photographed in 1906 by Vittorio Sella who accompanied HRH Prince Luigi Amedeo of Savoy, Duke of the Abruzzi on his expedition to the area, is now disturbingly apparent.

The Rwenzoris are relatively unexplored with less than a thousand people reaching Margherita Peak summit every year. Facing the twin threats of climate change and encroaching population, conserving the Rwenzori’s precious landscapes is critically important.

Mountains of the Moon was exhibited in the exhibition pavilion at the Royal Geographical Society from 5th February – 17th April 2019. Prints are available to purchase; they are limited to editions of five plus two artist’s copies.