Pool House Gallery

Pool House Gallery 2022 Exhibitors


Rhythm, Pattern, Repetition
5 – 26 June 2022

A group of celebrated artist makers have been invited to make work specifically for the Pool House Gallery. This curated space employs Rhythm, Pattern, Repetition as a theme for new collections of work across the Craft disciplines that includes basketry, jewellery, textiles, wood, metal, ceramics and glass.

The rhythm of making can be a means of exploration, a pleasure in the material and in the process. This can lead to an expression of pattern through repeated elements, mark making and design motifs. Pattern may be used as a contrast or to provide balance between materials and form. References may be from an observed place or detail, from nature, from architecture and then expressed through the repeated and articulate elements in a brooch or the surface quality, shadow and texture in a table.