Education is at the core of Fresh Air Sculpture Show. Each year we welcome over 800 students from a wide range of primary, secondary, special schools and community groups. These schools and groups experience art and sculpture with guided tours as well as bespoke workshops that are led by our team of exciting and inspiring artists.

Other schools will visit the sculptures with self-led tours that may focus on a key theme with support from our Curator of Education. Children that visit this unique sculpture show get a chance to follow exploratory trails that will teach them about the sculpture and the artists.

What is key is that all children and students get a chance to be fully immersed in art in the environment regardless of their ability or age. If you are interested in organising a visit to the show then please contact and we will be in touch with more information.



Quenington Sculpture Trust is a member of SAFEcic

You can read and download our safeguarding policies here: Fresh Air Sculpture Safeguarding Policies