Esme’s Garden


This year the Pool House gallery has been transformed into Esme’s Garden, as a tribute to the former head gardener Esme Bradburne. The theme this year is Botany and inside the gallery there are beautifully painted ceramics by Kim Donaldson and a selection of jewellery boxes by Chris Eckersly and Ardyn Griffin.

Rob Kessler’s wonderfully detailed microscopic prints of pollen on silk larger than life are amongst porcelain lamps mimicking pollen by Amy Cooper and delicately embroidered fungi and butterflies by Amanda Cobbett.¬†As well as a lovely selection of jewellery and brooches by Catherine Zoraida, Maggie Laing, Caroline Parrott, Melanie Tomlinson and Sophie Macrae. There is such a exquisite variety of media both inside and out ranging from print to sculpture and painting to textiles.