From Where I’m Standing

The Pool House exhibition invites artist makers from across the Craft disciplines to interpret views. This may simply be a view that is returned to again and again, or perhaps from memory or even fleetingly glimpsed. Or maybe it is about taking a position or viewpoint. 

The seasonal observation of one field, the effect of climate change on our planet, the repetition of pattern in architecture, the colour and biodiversity of a meadow, a river, a woodland. The references will be varied and exciting. 

Interpretations through clay, glass, metals, wood and cloth will emerge to form exciting collections for you, your home and garden. 

Curated by Jo Swait.

Hedges and Edges detail by Louise Watson

Invited Artists


  • Elaine Bolt
  • Mark de la Torre
  • Tanya Gomez
  • Nigel Lambert
  • Jane Muir
  • Emily-Kriste Wilcox


  • Lawlor & Johnson


  • Cleo Mussi


  • Sally Fawkes
  • Richard Jackson
  • Loco Glass
  • Beryl Morgans
  • Janet Page


  • Cara Budd
  • Amanda Doughty
  • Fionna Hesketh
  • Catherine Zoraida


  • David Ian Smith


  • Peter Archer
  • Martin & Dowling


  • Kathryn Clarke
  • Liz Harding
  • Louise Watson

The Pool House was filled with beautiful things

See how these artists and makers are inspired by the landscape

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